Southern Africa Travel Specialist

Brosad Travel Services & LB Safaris has more than 15 years of experience in offering travellers to Southern Africa an exceptional tailor making service to our operators and their clients. We not only offer excellent value for money, unique holidays and travel solutions but a highly personalised service. We specialise in operators from central Europe, Scandinavia and all English speaking countries.

With a very transparent working method no costs are hidden and margins are kept acceptable to all parties. We often work with small scale accommodations or operators and find it not only important for all our futures to thrive but also ethically unacceptable to try squeeze every penny for the sake of a quick profit!

If all our business partners thrive so will we!

If all our business partners thrive so will we! This ethos has been the core value which was applied for building a successful business relationship since he started in 2003 assisting individual travellers! - Simon Brokke

El-Ria Bense
Manager Bookings Office Southern Africa

Experience the magic of southern Africa through the eyes of some of our many travellers! - The wonder of travel

Erica de Wolde
Tailor Making Expert LB Safaris

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Brosad v/s LB Safaris

Brosad was set up as as dedicated booking office for specialist travel agents or small specialist tour operators who only need a booking office to book specific accommodations, activities etc. Brosad offers a complete one stop booking office at very reasonable rates affording everyone a decent income and also where possible supporting our local population and worthy projects.

LB Safaris has been assisting small travel agents or small specialists with a limited client base to offer them a completely tailored travel package including all the usual required attributes like accommodation, local flights, car rental, activities etc. LB Safaris however goes one step further and assists all their travel agents and operators in also tailor making the route and travel tempo based on the specific needs and requirements of each traveller or small group. This way our travel agents and specialists work with one company (LB Safaris) but have a large range of tried and tested suppliers plus the years of knowledge and experience! Please note! All LB Safaris bookings go via Brosad